Theme: Sharing and advance approaches of organ donation and transplantation

Transplantation 2022

Transplantation 2022

Conference series invites all the participants over  the globe to take part in "15th International Conference on Transplantation and Medical Surgery" to be held during March 21-22, 2022 at Zurich, Switzerland which cover prompt keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations and Exhibitions.

Transplantation conference 2022 which organizes Global events regularly is glad to welcome all the interested and enthusiastic participants across the sphere to its prestigious Conference on Medical Surgery and Transplantation which is going to be held during March 21-22, 2022 Transplantation 2022 highlights the theme “Sharing and advance approaches of organ donation and transplantation. Transplantation 2022 provides a wonderful opportunity to share views, exchange knowledge and establish research collaborations & networking. The aim of this conference is to exchange new scientific and clinical information within the field of transplantation bringing together among the transplant surgeons, physicians, scientists, organ procurement personnel, health professionals under a roof.

Why to attend?

Medical doctors, patients and health care providers consider the Solid organ transplantations save lives in patients laid low with terminal organ failures and improve quality of life. Transplantation is a vital tool to boost the overall health status of the population. Kidney transplantation increases patient continuity over dialysis, and lifesaving transplants are indispensable to treat patients with liverheart, or lung irreversible diseases. The proportions of individuals laid low with the disease are expected to extend in future according a recent statistical survey daily, a mean of 79 people receive organ transplants. However, a mean of 21 people dies daily awaiting transplants that can't happen due to the shortage of donated organs. In 2013, 28,954 people received organ transplants. According to recent statistics, Realizing this imperative, OMICS Group is about to arrange Global Surgery and Transplantation Congress this year with a view to reinforce research and promote awareness aiming in developing solutions for the challenges encountered. Transplantation 2022 will comprise of the many leading keynote speakers and session speakers who are going to be delivering their speech on the present research topics of bone marrow transplantation, survival in kidney transplantation, novel hair transplantation methods, and other technologies related to Transplantation and other risk factors associated with the Transplantation. Junior researcher and the student participants will gain the chance to grab the simplest billboard Award by presenting their work as an advert presentation and Young Researcher Forum.

Target audience:

• Transplantation Surgery Students, Scientists

• Transplantation Surgery Researchers

• Transplantation Surgery Faculty

• Medical Colleges

• Transplantation Associations and Societies

• Business Entrepreneurs

• Training Institutes

• Manufacturing Medical Devices Companies

Transplantation 2022 may be a global platform to debate and study various organ transplantation techniques like Kidney Transplantation, Liver Transplantation, Islet and Pancreas Transplantation, Transplantation Immunology and Immunogenetics, Bone Marrow Transplantation, Lung Transplantation, Heart Transplantation, Eye Transplantation, Hair Transplantation, transfusion , Skin and Face Surgery, Clinical studies-Transplantation, vegetative cell Transplantation, Intestinal Transplantation, Transplant Survival and Transplant Living, General surgery.


Track 1: Bone Marrow Transplantation

Track 2: Blood Transfusion

Track 3: Kidney Transplantation

Track 4: Liver Transplantation

Track 5: General surgery

Track 6: Hair Transplantation

Track 7: Heart Transplantation

Track 8: Eye Transplantation

Track 9: Skin and Face Surgery

Track 10: Stem Cell Transplantation

Track 11: Intestinal Transplantation

Track 12: Recovery and outcomes

Track 13: Islet and Pancreas Transplantation

Track 14: Transplantation Immunology and Immunogenetics

Track 15: Clinical studies-Transplantation

Track 16: Transplant Survival and Transplant Living

Transplantation 2022 is delighted to invite all the participants across the globe to the prestigious event, which is going to be held during March 21-22, 2022 Zurich, Switzerland. The main aim of this conference is to exchange the new scientific and clinical information relevant to solid organ transplantation and brings together transplant physicians, scientists, nurses, organ procurement personnel, pharmacists, allied health professionals and other transplant professionals. The theme of the conference is Sharing and advance approaches of organ donation and transplantation. A different types of formats are planned that will support an interchange of opinions regarding care and management issues, as well as socioeconomic, ethical, and regulatory issues relevant to organ transplantation.

Importance and Scope:

Over the path of the last century, organ transplantation has overcome major technical limitations to become the success it's today. The results of transplantation of all solid organs have improved year on year. For organ recipients, a transplant frequently means a chance at life. Vital organs like the guts, pancreas, liver, kidneys and lungs are often transplanted to those whose organs are failing. It allows many recipients to return to a traditional life style. For others, a cornea or tissue transplant means the power to discover again or the recovery of mobility and freedom from pain.

Conference series LLC welcomes all the transplant physicians, scientists, organ procurement personnel, pharmacists, Nurses, allied health professionals and other transplant Professionals scientists, physicianssurgeons, young researchers, industrial delegates and talented student communities in the field of Organ Transplantation to attend this Transplantation conference, where all the aspects of Transformation Research will be discussed under single roof.

Transplantation 2022 is going to be a superb combination of academia and industry because it involves every aspects of empirical and conceptual thinking in exploring new dimensions during this field. It is friendly all kinds of research methodologies both from academia and industry. Transplantation 2022 is an international platform for presenting research about, novel technologies and clinical importance of transplantation, exchanging ideas about it and thus, contributes to the dissemination of knowledge in for disease control for the lead of the society. Is where the longer term of management and novel Technologies in Surgery and Organ transplantation.

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To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date March 21-22, 2022
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