Liver Transplantation

Liver transplantation or internal organ transplantation is that the replacement of a unhealthy liver with the healthy liver from another person (allograft). Liver transplantation could be a treatment choice for end-stage disease and acute liver failure, though convenience of donor organs could be a major limitation. The foremost common technique is orthotropic transplantation, during which the native liver is removed and replaced by the donor organ within the same anatomic position because the original liver. The surgical treatment is complicated, requiring careful harvest of the donor organ and meticulous implantation into the recipient. Liver transplantation is extremely regulated, and solely performed at selected transplant medical centres by extremely trained transplant physicians and supporting medical team. The period of the surgery ranges from four to eighteen hours reckoning on outcome. Favourable outcomes need careful screening for eligible recipient, additionally as a well-calibrated live or dead body donor match.

  • Recent advances in liver transplantation
  • Complications in surgical transplantation
  • Orthotropic transplantation
  • Mesenchyme stem cell in regeneration in liver transplantation

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