Transplant Survival and Transplant Living

The Transplant Survival Report displays an estimate of the number of patients who are alive after particular organ transplantation like heart, liver, kidney, lung, intestine, bone marrow transplantLiving donors are usually between 18 and 60 years of age and are often close relatives of the intended recipient. The prospective donor must have a compatible blood type, and in the case of kidney donation, tissue type, as determined by lab tests of the donor and recipient. The donor candidate is carefully evaluated by lab tests, a physical examination, and a psychosocial examination to ensure that the candidate is healthy enough to donate and that he or she is making an informed decision. Estimates suggest more than two million people worldwide would benefit from an organ transplant. While the donation rates vary greatly between countries, the contrast between the increasing numbers of people in need and the inadequate numbers of organs being donated mean many will die while they wait.

  • Living-donor kidney transplant
  • No directed living-donor transplant
  • Diet and nutrition

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